CMT Chojnice Sp. z o. o.
ul. Zakładowa 6
89-600 Chojnice
Sąd Rejonowy Gdańsk-Północ
KRS 0000114022
Kapitał zakładowy 4023000.-PLN
NIP 555-18-68-731
About us


The company was founded on October 3 1991.

In November 1994 the owners bought both the land and the buildings at 6 Zakładowa Street in Chojnice, but when production exceeded the Zakładowa Street capacity the company decided to lease premises in Brusy. A small operation with only a dozen employees became a large enterprise that now employs 190 people and which has been successful in the demanding vehicle market for over 15 years.

Over 10 years ago the company’s was known as "Chojnickie Maszyny Transportowe" Faryna, Klunder, Mięsikowski and was registered as a civil company. In 2002 the company was entered into "CMT" Chojnice Sp. z o.o. by material contribution. The company had an equity of 4,023,000 PLN, and remained at the same sites.

Today, CMT is one of the leading manufacturers of tilt semitrailers, dump truck semitrailers, trailers, bodies for any type or make of truck chassis, specialised equipment, tilts and advertising materials. CMT products have official certification from the Transport and Maritime Economy Ministry of Poland.

CMT is a flexible company putting the customer’s demands and expectations first. Any suggestions based on the experience of product use are always taken into consideration in order to improve our product quality.

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Our diversified production capability is mirrored in our range.

If you have any suggestions, queries, or other opinions regarding our product range and service, please submit them through our mail box


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JUMBO with tarpaulin
JUMBO platform
Aluminium dump trucks
Steel dump trucks halvpipe
Semitrailer waterproof
Semitrailer steel to scrap
Rear dump trucks
Three-way dump tracks
Combi trailers
Triadem trailers
Trailers on turntable
Dump trucks trailers

(since Jan. 2007)
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