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Semitrailer CMT NSP-24 SEMI


Semitrailer CMT NSP-24 SEMI

Semitrailer CMT NSP-24 SEMI – available in a choice of options:

- Tilt semitrailers with a possible maximum internal height of 2700 mm. These semitrailers are especially dedicated to pallet transportation. On request we can customise the tilt semitrailer curtain to suit the customer’s needs.
The entire side of the semitrailer can be drawn open, making it perfect for easy side loading and unloading.
- Semitrailers with movable floors. Optimised for very quick unloading (without lifting the charging box) for items like: garbage, waste, chips, scrap metal, and pallets. Time of unloading for movable floor semitrailers with a capacity of 90 m3 is approximately 10 minutes.

- Box semitrailers. Can be fitted with a crane for easier loading and unloading of products like building materials on pallets.
- Container semitrailers with container hooks – for transportation of various containers in: 1 x 20”, 2 x 20’’, 1x40” and 1x 45" options.


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Opis techniczny (66 kB)

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